Vocational qualifications in English

Omnia opens doors to working life and further education. In Omnia you can study five vocational upper secondary qualifications in English.
These vocational qualifications are appropriate for those, who wish to study in English. However, basic command of Finnish is also necessary in order to be able to work in Finland. Tuition languages are English and Finnish.

You will study in different study environments: in classroom, at a work place, online or in different practical projects. Studying for a vocational qualification in English will improve your language skills and grants you eligibility for further studies in university or university of applied sciences.

The application period for the following qualifications has ended. Studies start in August 2021.

Please note!

Applicants need to pass both the Finnish and English written and oral tests in order for their applications to be processed.

Due to COVID-19 and health safety reasons related to the pandemic, Omnia will not invite applicants who live outside Finland to the Finnish and English language tests in Spring and Summer 2021. We will not orginize tests online.

Invitations to the language tests will be sent by email.

Please note! It is possible to complete the language tests at Omnia in Espoo, Finland only.

Further vocational qualifications in English

Further Vocational Qualification in Restaurant Customer Service, Waiter

Omnia regulations

Each student should read and recognize the regulations of Omnia. The regulations include the rights and obligations of students during a given year. Read PDF iconOmnia regulations

Admissions relevant information


Student admission is based on the information provided in the application and the admission criteria.

Admission criteria

  • basic education
  • background
  • plans for future career
  • need for education
  • knowledge of the teaching language

Please note that the information on the application form is used as a basis for student admission. Fill in your application carefully.

Language test (Finnish and English)

  • The applicants will be invited to the language test by email.
  • The applicants, who have passed the written language tests (Finnish and English), will be invited to an oral language test (Finnish and English).
  • If your mother tongue is Finnish, you may be exempted from the Finnish language test (written and oral)
  • If your mother tongue is English, you may be exempted from the English language test (written and oral)

Please note! It is possible to complete the language tests at Omnia in Espoo, Finland only.

Language requirements

Voit saada vapautuksen suomen kielen kielitestistä, jos sinulla on

  • suomenkielisen perusopetuksen päättötodistus. Jos opiskelet aikuisten perusopetuksessa ja olet saamassa päättötodistuksen keväällä tai kesällä, niin lähetä lausunto tästä opinto-ohjaajalta sekä opintorekisteriote.
  • YKI-todistus, jossa vähintään kaksi osa-aluetta on vähintään taso 3.
  • kotoutumiskoulutuksen, maahanmuuttajanuorten (MANU), Valman tai Mavan todistus, jossa kaikki neljä osa-aluetta on vähintään A2.2.
  • suomen kielellä suoritetun lukion, ammatillisen tutkinnon (perustutkinnon, ammattitutkinnon tai erikoisammattitutkinnon), ammattikorkeakoulun tai yliopiston tutkintotodistus.
  • perusopetuksessa suoritettu toinen kotimainen kieli (suomi). Koskee englannin tai ruotsin kielellä perusopetuksen suorittaneita.

By issuing the following certificates, you may be exempted from the English language test.

  • Cambridge ESOL's Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), level C
  • Cambridge ESOL's Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), CEFR level C1
  • IELTS, academy level 6,0.
  • TOEFL min 79 internet-based test
  • The National Certificate in English language (YKI), at least level 4, Intermediate (in all parts)
  • Finnish elementary school certificate that has been completed in English. If you are studying in a Finnish elementary school in English and you graduate in spring or summer, please send us the study counselor’s statement and a transcript of your studies.
  • Finnish high school certificate or vocational school certificate in which the language of instruction has been English.
  • A degree in Finnish higher education where the language of instruction is English.
  • An academic degree completed outside of Finland, depending on the case
  • Grade C or higher in English in the Finnish Matriculation Examination

Please note! IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge Certificates are valid only for two (2) years since date of issue.

You can attach your language certificate to your application or send it to haku@omnia.fi.

Please note! Applicants need to pass both the written and oral Finnish and English language tests inorder for their applications to be processed.

Vocational upper secondary qualfication gives the graduate eligibility for higher education. The role of vocational education as a pathway to futher education will be strengthened in the student admissions reform of higher education institutions in 2020.  Students with a vocational upper secondary qualification certificate will be able to apply to higher education via certificate-based admission. In addition, larger numbers of students will be admitted on the basis of open university studies that can be included in the vocational qualification. The entrance examination will also remain an alternative to applying for higher education. Information on the reform of student admissions in higher education.