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Internationality at Omnia

Omnia operates as a strong partner in international networks and has unparalleled connections around the world.

Omnia is a strongly international operator. Contacts and partnerships, projects, student and staff exchanges are part of our international everyday life and know-how. They also challenge us to continue to evolve in order to become more and more active as part of the international community for vocational education and training.  Education export through Omnia Education Partnerships Oy ( plays also a significant role among our international activities.

Member of UNEVOC network and UNEVOC Centre 2020–2023 

Omnia has been appointed as a UNEVOC Centre for UNESCO for the period 2020–2023.

As part of the UNEVOC network, Omnia’s mission is, among other things, to create international cooperation and partnerships, increase the competence capital of vocational education and training actors, and share new and innovative vocational education and training practices.

Omnia has been a part of the network since 2013.

In 2019, Omnia actively participated in two of the network’s projects:

Skills for Innovation Hubs ( and BILT Bridging Innovation in Learning and Teaching (

Member of Xarxa network management team 

Omnia represents the City of Espoo in the European Xarxa FP ( network and its management team. The network’s mission is to improve the quality of vocational education and training in Europe by developing joint mobility strategies and projects between member cities as well as on-the-job learning.

In charge of Twinning projects

Twinning projects focusing on the development of vocational education and training are a significant show of confidence in Omnia’s professional skills in managing international affairs and directing projects.

Mobility and visits in our everyday life

The number of international mobility and exchange periods has increased annually in Omnia, with the exception of the pandemic year.

We have also had a very large number of visits by international experts and VIP guests wanting to learn more about vocational education and training in Finland and Espoo.

We have been in charge of projects in Egypt, Kosovo and most recently Moldova, where the focus was on improving the quality and effectiveness of vocational education and training.

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