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Bartender training

Further Vocational Qualification in Restaurant Customer Service
Further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications
Are you interested in developing your expertise in the world of beverages and mixed drinks? Do you dream of opening your own bar or of a vocation where you can work around the world? Have you tended bar, but lack a qualification? A bartender is a multitasker of customer service, who creates drinks and helps customers enjoy themselves.

Description of the training

In the Further Vocational Qualification in Restaurant Customer Service, you can specialise in the competence area of bar customer service and graduate as a bartender. With the help of the training, you will expand your previous expertise in the restaurant industry and the secrets of various beverages and mixed drinks. You will learn how to make non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and learn about beverage trends. You will be able to describe, recommend and sell beverage products. You will also become familiar with the appliances, equipment and basic tools. The training will help you strengthen and increase your competence in running bar operations profitably and in compliance with the legislation in the field. To ensure the best service, you will deepen your knowledge of interacting with different customer target groups in various service situations. 

You will have the opportunity to study or complete practical training abroad. The themes of sustainable development will be an underlying theme of your studies and demonstrations. After completing the training, you can apply for further training at a university of applied sciences or a university. Omnia is also a good environment to plan business activities and increase entrepreneurial expertise.

Read more about the composition of the qualification (

Details of the training

What skills do you need?

The training is intended for people who work in the catering industry in the customer service tasks of a bar or restaurant. The applicant must have completed core studies in the field or have work experience in restaurant customer service.

Omnia education focuses on refining one’s own skills, sparring with others and learning together. During your studies, you need a job or practical training position where you can complete work tasks connected to the education.

Duration of education

The duration of studies is individual. The average duration of studies is one year. The duration of studies is determined by the personal competence development plan (PCDP) and is influenced by, among other things, your previous studies, work experience and individual study needs.


The training consists of inspiring training days, learning tasks, group and project work, independent work, instruction in small groups and on-the-job learning. The average number of training days is one per month. They support the completion of the qualification and provide new insights and ideas.


Important information on how to apply

Student admission

Admission is based on the information in the application, so please fill out your application carefully. 

There is no entrance examination. 

Enquiries regarding application: 

Assessment of language proficiency

The language requirement is A2.1 for Finnish and B1 for English.

The applicants will be invited to the language tests (Finnish and English) by e-mail. The language tests can be completed only at Omnia campuses in Espoo, Finland. Read more about the language requirements.

Terms of cancellation

If the student has accepted the study place and resigns within one month of the start of the studies, 50% of the student fee will be charged. The full tuition fee will be charged for later resignations. We reserve the right to make changes.


Lakela, evening studies

Application period:

22.2.2022 at 00.01 - 31.8.2022 at 23.59

Start of studies:

Apply now ( (opens in a new window, goes to a different website)
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