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Itätuulenpiha 1, Tapiola

On this page, you will find instructions for getting Tapiola campus and the contact information of the premises coordinator and caretakers.
Ulkokuva Omnian Tapiolan toimipisteestä.
Tapiola campus.

InfoOmnia and customer service

Campus contact information

Itätuulenpiha 1 - Contact information

Visiting address: Itätuulenpiha 1, 02100 Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 7235, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Telephone: 046 877 3622

Premises coordinator

In case of qustions related to the premises, contact the premises coordinator.

    Kaisa Ahonen

    Premises Coordinator

    Telephone: +358401264945

    Description of the campus

    The Tapiola campus houses Omnia functions including the Espoo Upper Secondary School for Adults, Espoo Adult Education Centre and basic education for adults. All Tapiola students, customers and staff are served by the student restaurant and café Pääty. 

    For students, the Itätuulenpiha location offers newly renovated classrooms and study spaces, student welfare services and a student affairs office.

    Teaching and training at the campus
    • Espoo Upper Secondary School for Adults
    • Basic Adult Education
    • Adult Education Center's language, physical education, dance, information technology, visual arts, crafts, music and immigrant courses, as well as social and home and gardening courses
    • Lectures of Adult Education Center's Open University ja University for the Aging
    • Adult Education Center's basic art education

    Getting there

    Tapiola is most easily accessible by bus or metro. There are no free parking spaces for students at the campus. Read more on how to get to the area on Tapiola Park-site ( in Finnish.


    The facilities of Itätuulenpiha and the entrance on the street level are wheelchair accessible. There is a small threshold at the entrance to the parking garage.

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