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Kirkkokatu 16, Espoon keskus

On this page, you will find instructions for getting to Kirkkokatu campus and the contact information of the premises coordinator and caretakers.
Ulkokuva Kirkkokadun toimipisteestä.
Kirkkokatu campus

Service counseling and guidance related to studying

Contact information

Kirkkokatu 16 A - Contact information

Visiting address: Kirkkokatu 16 A, 02770 Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 77711, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Telephone: 040 126 4870

Kirkkokatu 16 B - Contact information

Visiting address: Kirkkokatu 16 B, 02770 Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 77710, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Telephone: 040 126 4935

Premises coordinator

In case of qustions related to the premises, contact the premises coordinator.

Campus services

InfoOmnia also serves at the Kirkkokatu campus. Below you can see the other services of the campus.

Space reservations

Inquiries and space reservations for Kirkkokatu premises at

Description of the campus

The Kirkkokatu campus was constructed in 2007 and 2011. At Kirkkokatu, you can study, among other things, upper secondary vocational qualifications, vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications, and complete different types of continuing education and training. Campus also has Omnia Skills Centre for immigrants.

We also offer services to customers at Kirkkokatu. You can shop at the sustainable OmniaShop, treat yourself to hair and beauty services at Aurinkokivi or eat local and organic food at restaurant Henricus.

For students, Kirkkokatu offers a wide range of learning environments and conference rooms. In addition, the campus has service points, such as InfoOmnia, a library, student welfare services and an outdoor gym.

Teaching and training at the campus
  • Further Vocational Qualification in First-Level Management
  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Leadership and Business Management
  • Vocational Qualification in Business
  • Vocational Qualification in Media and Visual Expression
  • Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services
  • Vocational Qualification in Horticulture
  • Vocational Qualification in Construction
  • Vocational Qualification in Arts and Crafts (wood, metal) ​
  • ​Vocational Qualification in the Textiles and Fashion Industry
  • Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology
  • Omnia Skills Centre for immigrants
  • Adult Education Centre's language, theater, home and gardening and crafts courses
  • Further vocational Qualification in entrepreneurship

Getting there

The Kirkkokatu campus is located in Espoon keskus, near Turunväylä You can easily reach the campus by public transport from Espoo city centre, continuing by foot from the train station or a bus stop near the campus. We recommend using public transport, as the campus has a limited number of parking spaces.

If you arrive by car, the parking spaces are behind the building. The parking area of the Kirkkokatu 16 A section has 2H parking spaces requiring parking discs and two electric car charging points reserved for visitors. The charging points can be found in the Virta application ( There are pocket parking spaces along Kirkkokatu requiring 2H parking discs. If your visit lasts for more than two hours on a weekday between 7:00 and 16:00, you will need a visitor parking pass from the caretaker. Some parking spaces in the area have been reserved for students.

Entrance to Kirkkokatu 16 is from the main entrances of the A and B stairs, which are located on Kirkkokatu. You can easily find the main entrance to Kirkkokatu 16 A in the vicinity of the outdoor artwork ANIMO and the main entrance to section B on Kirkkokatu near the bus stop.


The entrances and interiors of the Kirkkokatu campus are wheelchair accessible. The caretakers can guide visitors to the lifts and the assist in their operation.

There are a few handicap parking spaces near the entrances.

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