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Management and decision making

The member municipalities Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Kauniainen are represented in Omnia’s decision making. Espoo is represented on the board by six members, Kirkkonummi by two and Kauniainen by one member.


Omnia's board is responsible for the financial and efficient management Omnia’s operations. The board is governed by the Basic Treaty and the governance rule. The board of has nine members and each has a personal deputy.

  • Pirjo Kemppi-Virtanen (pj.), Espoo
  • Laura Malme (varapj.), Espoo
  • Abdirahman Ali, Espoo
  • Kaisa Alaviiri, Espoo
  • Jarno Eerola, Espoo
  • Karri Karsi, Espoo
  • Tapani Ala-Reinikka, Kauniainen
  • Paula Oittinen, Kirkkonummi
  • Jussi Määttä, Kirkkonummi

General meeting

At the general meeting, the voting rights of the representatives of the member municipalities are determined in proportion to the shares of the municipalities' share capital. The meeting is held twice a year. A quorum is reached when all members are represented at the meeting.

Audit board

The general meeting elects three members and a deputy for each member to the Audit Board for the audit of the administration and finances for the years corresponding to its term of office, and appoints a chairman and a vice-chairman.

  • Jyrki Seppänen (pj.), Espoo
  • Risto Nevanlinna (varapj.), Espoo
  • Tiina Rintamäki-Ovaska, Kauniainen

Legal protection committee

The tasks of the committee (Section 93 of the Basic Vocational Education Act 531/2017) decide on the revocation or restoration of the right to study, the temporary suspension of a student, the removal from a dormitory and the suspension of studies.

Members 17.3.2021– 17.3.2024
  • Terhi Pippuri, chairperson, student welfare manager, City of Espoo
  • Tapio E. Nieminen, social services manager, City of Espoo
  • Sari Rautiainen, service manager, Omnia
  • Erja Kumpulainen, branch director Omnia
  • Kaisa Martikainen, student representative, Omnia
  • Sanna Hosio, teacher representative, Omnia
  • Tapio Siukonen, referendary, special expert, Omnia
  • Tarja Malmivirta, administrative lawyer, committee presenter, Omnia

Executive group

The executive group takes care of the practical implementation of the decisions of the general meeting and the board of directors and prepares other matters concerning joint decision-making and the development of the Regional Education Authority of the Region. 

Tuula Antola, General Director

Key areas of responsibility: Omnia's operational and financial management, coordination of education and corporate policy, corporate relations, international relations, preparation of the affairs to the board and implementation of decisions.


Maija Aaltola, Principal

Key areas of responsibilty: Principal of Education and Student Services -unit. Teaching and education in vocational education and training, general upper secondary school for adults and adult education centre according to the authorisation to provide education. Planning, guidance and support services that ensure teaching and studying. 


Tuukka Soini, Development Director

Key areas of responsibility: Digital services, IT security, project and international operations, quality, data management, interoperability.


Päivi Korhonen, Director, Communications

Key areas of responsibility: Directing, strategic planning and development of communication and marketing services. Centralised travel managament services. 


Kirsi-Elina Kettunen, Director of Finance

Key areas of responsibility: Directing of the financial services and strategic investment and space planning. Responsible for the operative functioning of the financial services, ensuring the functioning of daily operations and directing the development of the financial processes.


Tarja Malmivirta, Administrative Lawyer

Key areas of responsibility: tasks related to decision making, administration, jurisdiction, labour market, co-operation and insurance.


Mia Viljanen, Planner

General Director’s Assistant, secretary of the executive group.

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Leadership and Management