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Services for job seekers


At Omnia, you will find opportunities at every stage of your career.

At Omnia, you will find opportunities at every stage of your career. You will find training when you are choosing a profession, want to supplement your skills or want to learn a new profession.

Did you know that you may be eligible for funding during your studies? There are many different forms of study funding for various situations.

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Career counselling services

Career counselling gives you advice and support in mapping out your work or training situation. Together with a career counselor, you can reflect on your strengths and resources and plan a new work or study path for yourself. You will receive individual support and guidance while looking for the right training for yourself.

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Support for job searching from workshops

At Omnia's workshops, you make plans for your future and receive support to make your plans a reality. The workshop period is implemented as a work trial or as a rehabilitative work activity. You will gain valuable work experience and receive support for job searching. The workshop period is planned based on your wishes and goals.

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Services for immigrants

At Omnia, you can study Finnish, complete comprehensive school, upper secondary school, vocational qualification or TUVA preparatory education. Omnia Skills Centre provides guidance on job search and training.

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