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Omnia's Organisation

Omnia promotes citizens’ inclusivity, skills and well-being and enhances the vitality of the region’s municipalities, communities and enterprises. Omnia is a large and modern education provider, which offers a wide range of services focusing on supporting life-long learning. Our operations are guided by the changing needs of the future.

Omnia in Numbers

We provide upper secondary vocational education and training and general upper secondary education, youth and adult workshops, further vocational qualifications and liberal adult education, vocational courses and support in recruitment for enterprises. Omnia has established partnerships with 6 000 companies and we participate strongly in the services of the regions’ business and commerce.

Omnia has more than 1000 members of staff and there are approximately 35 000 students. The yearly budget is 85 M€.

Omnia has ownerships in the following companies:


The core of our operations and the strategic framework is the building of the sustainable future, all of its aspects included:

  • Carbon neutral Omnia, theme for 2021
  • Fair and dignified Omnia, theme for 2022
  • Circular Economy, theme for 2022
  • Intelligent and resource wise Omnia, theme for 2023


Our task is to promote citizens' inclusivity, skills and well-being and the vitality of the regions' municipalities, communities and enterprises. 

Seven Core Tasks

1.By organising in accordance with the authorisation to provide education the following: vocational education and training for adults and youth, basic education for adults, adult education and liberal adult education and basic education in arts

2. By organising education services that will advance social inclusion, skills and employment opportunities for the region’s non-Finnish speaking and immigrant population and for those without a qualification, work or a study place. This includes youth workshops and service of the skills centre.

3. By strengthening individuals and communities through life long learning in increasing social inclusion, preventing marginalisation, supporting critical thinking and social and cultural diversity.

4. By providing region’s businesses and communities as market-based services the following: opportunities to update personnel skills, a recruitment channel that rapidly responds to the needs of the companies and leads to the employment of the students, as well as an extensive and efficient process for work based learning, which has been developed by focusing on the employers’ needs.

5. By strengthening the skills of the member municipalities’ staff by implementing in cooperation the following: learning events customised according to needs and professional field, courses and training and a fluent access for updating professional skills

6. By innovating in cooperation with education and business life, member municipalities and clients, nationally and internationally sustainable education products, digital tools for citizens’ and companies’ daily use as well as skills based solutions for the future challenges and problems and

7. By promoting and implementing sustainable education export in cooperation with member municipalities, education providers and companies and by acting as a model of knowhow and education for international visitors.

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