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Studying at Espoo Adult Education Centre

Welcome to study or start a hobby at Espoo Adult Education Centre!

Studying online

To participate in our courses, you will need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection, a camera and a microphone. We recommend using a computer so that all functions will be available. 

Do you need an introduction to studying online?

We organise teaching, which will give you information on studying online. Teaching is free of charge. See the dates and register for introduction (in Finnish). 

Study Credit Courses

On the courses at Adult Education Centres it is now possible to earn study credits. If you wish, your accumulated competence will be assessed and, in that way, you will earn successful pass entries. Successful passes will be transferred to Koski-information pool ( and you can find your own successful pass entries on Oma Opintopolku online service (

A successful pass entry is a simple way to officially indicate your competence, which you have accumulated on study credit courses, to your employer or another educational institute. The accumulated study credits are also useful in your own CV or job application.

What is a Study Credit Course?

On study credit courses you can earn study credits into your own study records. You can also study on study credit courses without accumulating study credits. However, to earn study credits, you need to pass that course successfully.

The learning outcomes, assessment criteria and course workload are explained in the course description which clearly clarifies the competence acquired on the course.

Competence assessment, assessment criteria and course workload

If you wish to have a successful pass entry, your competence will be assessed. Competence assessment is always optional for a student. At the beginning of the course, you can decide if you wish to have your competence assessed and thus get a successful pass entry. So, you can attend a course even if you don’t want to have your competence assessed or a successful credit pass entry.

You will show your competence during the course with various assessment methods. The teacher will evaluate your competence based on the course assessment criteria. The course assessment criteria and methods are explained on ePerusteet palvelu online service ( You can find a link to this website in the course information on Ilmonet.

Competence is assessed on a pass/fail scale. The pass entry means that you have acquired the course learning outcomes. The successful pass entries are recorded after the course end date. Only the successful pass entries are recorded on Koski information pool. You will be informed of your successful pass, and you can find your pass entry on Oma Opintopolku online service.

The workload of the course is indicated as study credits. One study credit corresponds to 27 hours of student’s work. It depends on the course content how much independent work is required, in addition to contact studying, to reach the learning outcomes.

What is the use of study credits?

Your successful pass entries of study credit courses are recorded on Oma Opintopolku online service where you can share your pass entries with your employer or another educational institution. The receiving institution may take your study credits into account when you are studying at that institution, for example on optional language courses.

In principle, the recorded information is permanently stored on Koski-information pool. If you wish, you can cancel your Koski consent for storing your information on Oma Opintopolku online service.

How can you participate on a study credit course?

Enroll on the course on Ilmonet ( (opens in a new window, transfers to a new website). When needed, Työväenopiston asiakaspalvelu, Adult Education Centre customer service, can help you with the enrollment. Give your consent for processing your personal data when you enroll, or at the beginning of the course at the latest, so that the study credit entries can be recorded on Koski information pool. You can give your consent using e-Identification on Ilmonet online service or on a special form at the Espoo Adult Education Centre customer service.

You can attend a study credit course even if you don’t want to get a successful pass entry for the course.

Proving your competence is a relevant part of the course functions. To get a successful pass entry, active participation on the course is required. Exercises and tasks done on the course are mainly the same to all the students.


Students and their belongings are not insured by Espoo Adult Education Centre. 

Give us feedback or suggest a course

Give us feedback or suggest a new course of your interest via our feedback form. Your feedback is very important to us as we use it to continuously develop our services .

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