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Emergency and accident response

It is important to act correctly in an emergency – learn about the safety materials in advance to know what to do in case of an accident or emergency.

Each campus has their own rescue plan. As you begin your studies in Omnia, you will be given information on the plan, and it is good to learn about them in advance. In case of fire, sudden attack of disease or accident, contact the emergency services. Always inform Omnia’s staff about any emergencies.

You can find out more about how to act in an emergency at the Emergency Response Centre Agency ( 


In case of an accident, fill the accident notice form and the safety deviation notice ( (in Finnish). Accident notice form is for claiming compensation for the damages. 

If you are student, inform your teacher, workplace instructor or workplace supervisor about the accident as soon as possible. 

The notice will always be delivered to the health and safety manager and the premises coordinator. They will help you in the aftermath of the accident and decide which actions will be needed in the future to avoid similar accidents.  Any safety deviations are also dealt with in the occupational health and safety group. 

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