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Learn more about the possibilities of apprenticeship

Apprenticeship offers a flexible path to study for a profession. It is also a practical way to develop one’s own or the work community’s professional skills. Apprenticeship is suitable for everyone, regardless of their background or age, and can be started flexibly throughout the year.

Profession through apprenticeship

Through an apprenticeship, you can complete any vocational qualification or unit through on-the-job learning. An apprenticeship is a suitable form of study if you have a suitable job for the qualification you are studying.

At the same time, you gain work experience and professional networks and develop your professional skills. You will receive a salary for work done and a certificate of your competence.

The studies completed at the educational institute support the work tasks and the acquired skills can be applied immediately to practice, so the studies are diverse and work-oriented.

Apprenticeship agreements are also suitable for short periods of work, such as summer jobs, in addition to completing an entire qualification.

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Entrepreneur’s apprenticeship

Do you want to develop your skills or get a boost for your business? An entrepreneur’s apprenticeship offers flexible opportunities for an entrepreneur to study, whether you have just started or have already gained more experience.

With the entrepreneur’s apprenticeship, you can study general business or entrepreneurial entities in addition to profession-specific qualifications. You can study a shorter or longer programme according to your needs, completing either the entire qualification or some units.

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Upgrade the skills of your staff or gain new talent with an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a great way to develop the competence and professional skills of your staff at work. It is also a good option when you need customised education leading to a qualification for more than one person. 

Apprenticeship is suitable for the training of new employees and for updating or upgrading the skills of existing staff. There are longer and shorter programmes to choose from, depending on the need. Apprenticeship training can be started flexibly throughout the year.

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