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Vocational qualifications in English

At Omnia, we also offer vocational trainings in English!

These trainings are especially suitable for those who want to complete their degree in English and improve their language skills. The next application period is 21.2.2023 - 21.3.2023.

In your studies, you will study in a variety of learning environments and situations - in the classroom, in the workplace, online, and in practical projects. Completing a degree in English will help you develop your language skills and enable you to apply for postgraduate study at university.

Important information on application process

The applicants will be invited to the language tests by e-mail. Language tests will be held on week 14 and 15. The language tests can be completed only at Omnia campuses in Espoo, Finland. Applicants must pass both written and oral language tests. Read more about the Assessment of language skills in Vocational Qualification.

The applicant is expected to familiarize themselves with the important information on the Vocational education and training student admission criteria.

Applicants must pass the language tests in order to be invited to guidance discussions. Discussions will be held at Omnia, Espoo only. Participating in guidance discussion is compulsory. Applicants who will pass the language test will be invited to the guidance discussions by email. 

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