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Health status and functional capacity, SORA legislation

The aim of the SORA regulations is to improve the safety of education and working life. The regulations also govern Omnia’s operations.

Omnia as a training provider has a responsibility to promote the safety at work during the training, but also afterwards. In this work, Omnia’s operations are guided by the national SORA regulations.

The SORA regulations promote:

  • the safety of the students themselves and of the school and work community
  • patient and client safety
  • transport safety
  • the safety of minors.

he health or functional capacity of the applicant must not be an obstacle to admission. However, in the qualifications referred to in the SORA regulations, the applicant must meet the conditions set out in the regulations regarding health and functional capacity and previous cancellations of the right to study.

When assessing unsuitability, Omnia wants to ensure that its operating models are accessible, equal and fair, responsible, preventive and collaborative. The regulations and operating models apply to both upper secondary vocational education and training and vocational adult education and training.

The following qualifications organised by Omnia are subject to the SORA legislation:

  • Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification in Social and Health Care, Practical Nurse
  • Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification in Security
  • Further Vocational Qualification and Specialist Vocational Qualification in Guidance for School and Morning/Afternoon Activities
  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Job Coaching

The SORA regulations also apply to training funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and to preparatory and coaching training that is not degree-oriented.

The regulations concerning the cancellation and restitution of the right to study do not apply in apprenticeship training, as an apprenticeship is a fixed-term employment contract, established by agreement between the student, the employer and the organiser of the training.

At Omnia, data concerning health status may only be processed by persons who make decisions on admission and prepare for the withdrawal and restoration of the right to study.

Further information on SORA legislation can be found at the Finnish National Agency for Education SORA – solutions for unsuitability ( in Finnish.

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