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Omnia Skills Centre for immigrants


Support for job search and training for immigrants in Espoo

Omnia Skills Centre OSKE offers services that increase professional skills and promote employment for immigrants in Espoo. OSKE's services are intended for Espoo residents over the age of 18 who have a residence permit.

Using Skills Centre services

Do you need help in job seeking or CV making? Join us at Omnia Skills Centre! We provide you with personal help in job searching skills and finding employment.

Support and training for immigrants at the Omnia Skills Centre

Omnia Skills Centre - Contact Information

Additional information:

Espoo center service point

Kirkkokatu 16B, 02770 Espoo
PL 77711, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO

Leppävaara service point

Upseerinkatu 1–3, 02600 Espoo
PL 60703, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO