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MANU – education for immigrant youth

Preparatory education
The education for immigrant youth (MANU training) is meant for you if you are an unemployed immigrant aged 17 to 29 and do not have a study place.

The training is suitable for you if your Finnish language proficiency level is between 0 and A2, but you can read and write well in your native language and in the Latin alphabet.  

MANU training is free of charge for you. Students in the training are officially unemployed, which means that you cannot receive a study grant or student discounts, but you may be able to receive unemployment benefit.  

MANU is a youth guarantee training. The school employs two Finnish language teachers, a school social worker, a guidance counsellor and a kitchen teacher.

Who can study in MANU training?

  • You are an immigrant aged 17 to 29.
  • Your Finnish language proficiency level is between 0 and A2, but you can read and write well in your native language and in the Latin alphabet.
  • You have a residence permit or registration certificate of an EU citizen’s right of residence.
  • Your home municipality according to the population register and under the Municipality of Residence Act (201/1994) is in Finland.
  • You are unemployed or your employment situation is poor.

You cannot study at MANU if you have not completed compulsory education. You can apply for education as a minor if you have completed a compulsory basic education in your home country before 1.1.2021.

Content and objective of the training

In the training, you will study Finnish, study skills, social studies and working life knowledge for a total of 24 hours a week. Attendance on lessons is mandatory.  

The aim is to learn, among other things, enough Finnish so that you can apply for further studies or jobs during your training. During the training, we will help you in matters related to studies, working life and integration:  

  • The guidance counsellor can help you find your next study place or job.
  • The school social worker can help you with, for example, financial, family and health matters.
  • All staff will help you to integrate into Finland. 

Additional application

You can also apply for education during the academic year. New students are selected in the middle of the academic year if there are vacancies in the groups and the applicant has language skills matching to the ongoing group.

In the additional application, you will need to send a certificate of your Finnish language proficiency level and possible certificates of previous trainings attended in Finland.

Application for MANU-education pdf, 67.56 KB or 
Vaula Paunila 
Omnia, MANU training 
P.O. Box 7173 


Start of the next school year


Additional info:

Education period 19.9.2022–9.6.2023.

Application period:

4.8.2022 at 00.00 - 6.9.2022 at 23.59

Start of studies:

Fill out the application (opens in a new window, goes to a different website)

When the application period is open, fill in the application form and send it as an e-mail attachment or by letter.


You will be invited to an interview if you meet the selection criteria. You must answer the invitation and state whether you will come and take the test.

Interview and test

You must bring the following with you to the interview: 

  • photo ID
  • residence permit, certificate of pending application for a residence permit extension or registration certificate of an EU citizen’s right of residence
  • If have you attended a school in Finland before, bring along your old certificate and any integration or employment plan.


You will receive an e-mail or text message if you have been selected for the training. Remember to notify the TE Office or your personal coach of being selected immediately. 

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