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User regulations of the information network and systems

Please read the user regulations for the information network and systems carefully. The regulations have been confirmed by decision 7 of the Development Director on 1 November 2019.

The user regulations of the information network and systems of Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region (hereinafter Omnia), bind everyone who has been granted rights to use the information systems and network of Omnia.

Omnia offers good and reliable equipment, information networks and systems that can be used flexibly and securely. In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, Omnia requires its users to comply with and accept these user regulations.

User IDs

The user is responsible for the user identifiers provided to him/her, their passwords and takes care of renewing the passwords in accordance with instructions notified by Omnia. User identifiers and passwords must not be surrendered to someone else. When a workstation is left unattended, the user must log out or lock the computer in order to prevent unauthorised use of the workstation.

Validity of access rights

Access rights are valid from the start of employment or from the start of studies until their end. If the access right has been granted based on some other contractual grounds, the access right will end at the end of the contract. The access right, in terms of a specific system or resource, may change or end, if the user’s duties change.

The user him-/herself must take care of transferring and deleting information in his/her possession before the end of the access right. The user identifier is automatically locked the day following the end of the access rights and the user’s files and e-mails will be deleted in 90 days following the locking of the identifier and after this point no information recovery is possible.

User access

Users gain access right by accepting these user regulations. The approval of the regulations takes place in connection with the identifier process. Access rights are determined according to the person’s duties based on what is necessary at each time. The systems, devices and network may have instructions prepared by Omnia that the user must study before using them.

Access limitations

The use of Omnia’s information network, information systems and user IDs in violation of Omnia’s interests, laws and regulations and good practices is forbidden. Private information must be kept separate from Omnia’s material and the home disk drives (H drive) are considered private.

The personnel must put their private materials into folders that have been named so that their privacy becomes clear (e.g. private, private matters). This applies also to private e-mails that must be transferred into folders named in the similar fashion.

The use of cloud services intended for use by consumers, unprotected memory sticks and external hard drives for storing confidential material is forbidden. All confidential material must be located in Omnia’s network drives or information systems. Omnia’s OneDrive or SharePoint environment can be used for data storage, as can network drives. However, information containing personal data must be placed in folders reserved for such information systems or protected by user IDs on network drives.

It is forbidden to connect any devices or information systems to Omnia’s fixed information network without permission from data administration. The wireless (WLAN) network is reserved for users’ own and visitor devices and a separately marked connecting point (RJ45) is provided for such use.

Programmes of personal nature, stored in users’ own network drives or other medias that are not supported or approved by Omnia’s data management (e.g. P2P software) must not be installed or used on Omnia’s information technology equipment.

Software enabling the control of computer use in teaching has been installed in the classroom student computers according to teaching needs.

The responsibility for the storage of the information materials lies with the material owner. Omnia will not compensate for any damage or loss caused to a user resulting from the use of Omnia’s information systems or network.

User regulations and principles of use

All users are required to comply with these rules and with the data security and data protection guidelines. The regulations apply to all workstations of Omnia and those acquired via Omnia’s projects, information technology services, information systems and devices connected to the information network. In addition, the user regulations must be followed in all other services and information networks, including federations, for which the user has been granted access rights and access opportunity via Omnia.

The user regulations also apply to personal devices used at Omnia and utilising Omnia’s network.

Purpose of use

Omnia’s equipment, information networks and systems are intended for the performance of work tasks assigned by Omnia or for study at Omnia.

Unauthorised use or other abuse

A person contravening legislation or these user regulations or who can justifiably be suspected of information security or privacy protection abuse, can lose his/her access rights or they can be limited. 

Changing or damaging the connections of Omnia’s information technology equipment in any way, interfering with the information network or systems or preventing any operations are forbidden. 

The Development Director decides on the restrictions of access rights on a case-by-case basis.  Cases requiring criminal investigations are referred to the Police for investigation.

Data protection

Special attention must be paid to privacy protection, privacy protection must be respected, and saving, abuse or sharing information belonging to someone else that you may have come by, even by accident, is forbidden.

All unauthorised information acquisition and attempts to penetrate directories, information networks or systems are forbidden.


Each information system has an owner and administrator who are in charge of the system’s use and preparing instructions for its use. Omnia’s information management is in charge of the devices, information network and systems, except for information systems that have been acquired as services provided by a third party or are otherwise outsourced. Omnia’s units are in charge of all equipment and technical environments under their own supervision.

The maintenance personnel of Omnia’s information management are permitted to monitor, limit and control the use of information systems and network as well as to copy, transfer and delete information in the computers or network in order to carry out their duties.

These user regulations have been processed in terms of Omnia’s personnel according to the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings. These regulations will be updated due to changes in Omnia’s services or legislation. The most recent version will be published in this page.

Fault reports, abuse notifications and enquiries must be addressed to or made by telephoning +358 400 223 112.

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