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Gaining international experience in Finland

It is possible to gain international experience also in Finland through internationalisation at home.
Helsingin senaatintori.

Internationalisation at home covers all areas of international experience gained in home country (e.g. in own school or workplace with non-Finnish speaking colleagues).

You can meet foreign students coming to Finland via Omnia and participate in free time programme arranged for them. Omnia receives annually approx. 170 foreign students for internships. they would love to meet Omnia’s students during their visit.

International tutoring opportunities

Join international tutoring activities and you can influence the image that foreign students or other guests have of Omnia and Finland. As an international tutor, you can participate in programs organized for foreign groups. The leisure program can be, for example, a Helsinki or Nuuksio tour.

Tutors are students who act as mentors and PRs for new students and international students at a variety of vocational education events and gatherings. Tutors are trained for their duties. In training, students from different study fields get to know each other and create new networks.

You are welcome to participate in the tutoring activities of foreign students coming to Omnia! More information from the international services (

International pathway to professionalism at Home/in Finland

International learning at working life can be integrated into professional competence by completing the study unit International pathway to professionalism. This unit of 15 competence points is implemented in jobs in one's own field by working in an international company either abroad or at home.

In Finland, it is possible to complete this unit, for example, by working in a company or work community where the working language is something other than Finnish or Swedish. Ask your teacher or international expert in your field about the possibilities.

Learning at work at Omnia’s international services

Omnia's international services offer opportunities for learning at working life, for example for business or tourism students.

Work tasks range from office work to assisting and guiding foreign students arriving in Finland.

In addition, it is possible to organize visiting programs for incoming students together with international services. Various visits are organized e.g. to Nuuksio, the centre of Helsinki or Fazer's visitor centre in Vantaa. Planning and implementing a guided visit can also allow you to complete the Guide Services study unit (Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry).

More information from the international services (

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