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Excellent Online Teaching for All (EVERET)

Logo: Opetushallitus rahoittaa hanketta.

Project description

The aim of the personnel training project: “Excellent Online Teaching for All (EVERET) 2021-2022” is to increase teachers’ abilities to work in a rapidly changing digital environment. Personnel training:

  • improves teachers’ competencies in building a successful online teaching environment.
  • deepens knowledge of equipment and software.
  • strengthens teachers’ technical skills, empowering them for the digital future.

The project also supports community development of online teaching and information sharing between different forms of education. The personnel training project includes five training modules, together forming 11 student workdays.

Target groups

Liberal adult education, Comprehensive education, Comprehensive Arts education, General Upper secondary school for adults, Vocational education and training

Duration of the project


Project manager at Omnia

Jaro Uosukainen


Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis, The Adult Education Centre of Kirkkonummi, The Adult Education Centre of Kauniainen


National Board of Education

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