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ABC of Running Errand Digitally

Logo: Opetushallitus rahoittaa hanketta.

Project description

The ABC project created an operating model that encourages, inspires and supports people whose digital skills need to be strengthened. Through the project's activities, the target group gained courage and enthusiasm for e-services as well as know-how needed to cope with the everyday life of a digitalised society. The operating model consists of low-threshold training, guidance and counselling. After piloting and developing, the project created a description of the ABC E-service operating model, which is disseminated as a national operating model. 

The ABC operating model is created via partnerships and existing functions and services. The model gathers services for the use of target groups that are difficult to reach and for gaining the best impact and usability.

Target groups

Citizens who have low digital skills

Duration of the project



Espoon 4H-yhdistys, Enter ry, Espoon kaupungin asiointipisteet, Espoon kaupungin kirjastot ja Kansalaisopistojen liitto



Finnish National Agency for Education

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