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Preparatory education for upper secondary qualification – TUVA

Preparatory education
Come to TUVA once you have completed your basic education. In TUVA, you will have time to think about your further studies and career choices and improve your study capabilities, such as Finnish language and study and life management skills.

Description of the training

In TUVA, you can:

  • improve your basic skills (e.g. Finnish/S2, mathematics and IT skills)
  • raise your grades from basic education
  • get to know and learn more about vocational and upper secondary school education
  • complete upper secondary school courses or vocational qualification units

You can study for one year, or 38 weeks, in TUVA. You can also study for a shorter period of time if you receive a study place from an upper secondary school or vocational education.

Who is TUVA for?

TUVA is intended for:

  • Young people subject to compulsory education and anyone who does not have an upper secondary qualification (basic education certificate is required).
  • Students who speak a language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sámi as their native language.
  • Students who have completed basic education or an equivalent in a language other than those mentioned above.

Content of the training

TUVA training includes one compulsory module, which is study and career planning skills. The other modules are optional, but you must choose at least two of the following:

  • Improving basic skills (1–30 weeks)
  • Upper secondary education and preparing for it (1–30 weeks)
  • Vocational education and training and preparing for it (1–30 weeks)
  • Working life skills and workplace learning (1–20 weeks)
  • Daily life skills and social inclusion (1–20 weeks)
  • Optional studies (1–10 weeks)


Joint application system

You can apply to TUVA in the spring joint application system.

Important information on application

Applicants must have a basic education certificate or an equivalent. Applicants subject to compulsory education have priority. Applicants will be selected by order of application preference.

There is no entrance examination

Additional information on preparatory education for programs leading to an upper secondary qualification (


The application period will be announced later.
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