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Olena Byelousova aims to work at the IT-sector – “Labour market training provides a good path to employment”

Blog | 05.04.2022
Byelousova, who moved to Finland 12 years ago, has completed a four month long labour market training in web programming at Omnia. Her aim is to continue with the studies, as she strongly believes she will find employment in IT.

As Olena Byelousova describes her training, a listener, who is unfamiliar with the field, might not be able to follow while she speaks about the programming languages and the background systems. It is not a problem, however, since her enthusiasm is captivating. 

” The studies were very challenging. Now I notice that I am speaking like a programmer and using many words that may not be familiar to others. Let me change my style”, she says, chuckling.

New direction and new dreams

Byelousova moved to Finland 12 years ago when her husband found work in IT. She has qualified as an engineer in environmental protection in Ukraine and completed a university degree in marketing in the United Kingdom. Finding work in Finland has, however, been difficult due to differences in language and culture. 

“My most recent work experience is from the marketing sector. As a specialist in it, I am aware that if I want to be good at it, I must know the language. Marketing and advertising must attract audiences. In Ukraine, people are attracted by different content than in Finland. Finnish language is difficult. As I speak, people can hear that I am an immigrant because I build sentences differently. I have decided that it is better for me to change my professional field.”

Byelousova manages an online shop, which has been one of her dreams. She also runs a charity organisation, which sends clothes to a Ukrainian children’s home. In addition to these, she looks for the challenges from a salaried job. 

“When I managed to complete the online shop and the charity project, I felt that I need to proceed to a new direction and fulfill my other dreams. I do not want to sit at home, as it is not interesting”, she describes.

Towards working life through continuing studies

Olena Byelousova learned about the labour market training from an officer at the employment office. She had expressed her wishes to work in it and web programming was a good first step towards it. Training was challenging and provided a good understanding of programming. 

During the training, several programming languages were studied. Byelousova has chosen one of them that she wants to study more. She would have continued in Omnia but the courses that will start next autumn do not fit her schedule. 

“I have sent an application to a training that lasts seven months so that I can continue with my studies soon. One person from our group has been employed already and I am sure that I will also find a job”, Byelousova says.

Omnia’s services help to start a life in a new home country

At the end of Byelousova’s studies, the war in Ukraine began. She now helps Ukrainian refugees from Poland to Finland and does voluntary work in Finland also. The refugees arriving from Ukraine are allowed to study and work in Finland immediately after their arrival due to temporary protection. 

Byelousova believes that labour market training provides immigrants a good path to employment. Possibilities to work and study are among the first things that Ukrainians arriving to Finland want to learn about, and Byelousova tells them about Omnia’s services.  

”Everyone wants to find out what they can do in Finland: whether it is possible to go to work or start studying immediately. No one wants to stay here without anything to do”, Byelousova states. 

Text: Milla Granlund
Translation: Milka Mantsinen

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