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AI Truck

Logo: Opetushallitus rahoittaa hanketta.

Project description

Technological development changes radically everyday life as well as working life procedures. New skills and competences are needed for innovations, co-development and participation – and this not based on an existing knowledge basis. New ways for skills development are thus needed. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that changes humankind in the same ways as the inventions of steam machine, telephone or internet. However, we are still taking the first steps with the development and application of AI – as a response to this challenge we developed in this project an AI truck – platform where learners have the opportunity to update their AI skills.

Target groups

VET students, citizens and the representatives of working life

Duration of the project


Project manager at Omnia

Heidi Rajamäki-Partanen


Aalto University, Dassault systems Oy, City of Espoo, JigLabs Oy, Lenovo Finland, Microsoft Oy and RND Works Oy



Finnish National Agency for Education

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