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The impacts of the strike of the municipal sector on Omnia’s services 3.-9.5.2022

News | 28.04.2022
Teaching will continue, but the changes in operations are possible. If the strike is cancelled, our operations will continue as usual.

The strike of the municipal sector will affect Omnia’s services in the period of 3.-9.5.2022 at the campuses in Espoo. There will be no impact on the services at Kirkkonummi. 

Teaching will continue, but the changes in operations are possible

Teaching will continue during the strike. Information on any exceptions will be provided separately. The strike will affect Omnia’s premises and food services as well as administration, library services and the services for students, customers and applicants.

Possible changes include the following:

  • It is our aim to keep our campuses in Espoo open during the strike. However, there might be some limitations to the operations in our premises and some premises may have to be closed.
  • Omnia’s student restaurants will be closed. There will be some pre-packed food available for students.
  • Omnia’s library services will be closed.
  • There might be limitations to the operations of the services for students, customers, and applicants.
  • There might be changes and cancellations to the operations and courses at Espoo Adult Education Centre.

We follow the negotiations and will update the information on the impacts of the strike on our website. We will inform our students and their guardians as well as our other customers about the strike and any changes in our operations.

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