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Basic Adult Education

Basic Adult Education
In basic education for adults, you can complete the entire comprehensive school or parts of it. You can also improve your grades from basic education.

Who is basic education for adults intended for?

Basic education for adults is intended for

  • those over the compulsory school age who have not completed the syllabus for basic education
  • those with a need to supplement their basic education examination or to raise their grades
  • those over the compulsory school age who need literacy training and who have not completed basic education

Information on studies

Teaching takes place from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 16:30. There are five terms per academic year in basic education for adults. The school year begins at the end of August and ends at the turn of May and June. Each term lasts approximately seven (7) weeks. Instruction is organised in the form of courses.

The completion of a course is subject to attendance at the school. The literacy, initial and final phase lasts a maximum of five years when studying on a full-time basis.

In Omnia’s basic education for adults, you can complete studies of the literacy phase, the initial phase and the final phase. The studies are free of charge.

  • You can complete the syllabus of basic education, i.e. the entire comprehensive school.
  • You can complete the literacy phase and/or the initial phase of basic education for adults.
  • You can continue your unfinished comprehensive school studies.
  • You can be a subject student in the final phase and complete individual subjects.

Application for basic education for adults

The application for basic education for adults is open three times a year: 

  • from December to February
  • from March to May and
  • from September to October.

New students to complete the basic education syllabus are admitted in August, January and April. When application is open, the application link is published on this page.

Subject students may also be admitted to other terms if there are available places. If you want to be a subject student, contact the study counsellors by phone or e-mail.

Remember to notify the TE Office that you are applying to education. The TE Office decides whether you receive financial support for your studies.


The application period will be announced later.

Competence survey

Applicants are invited to a survey of their competence. In addition, Finnish-speaking applicants are invited to an interview with a study counsellor.

Participation in the competence survey and interview is mandatory. You cannot get a study place if you have not participated in the competence survey and interview. In the competence survey, you can demonstrate your proficiency in Finnish, English and mathematics.

All certificates (including certificates of termination of studies) and learning plans from previous studies as well as a home plan must be brought to the competence survey. Where possible, your previous studies will be taken into account in your individual study plan (HOPS).

Student admission

The student is selected for the literacy, initial or final phase. The initial phase of studies is considered on the basis of a Finnish language and mathematics test carried out during the competence survey.

Omnia’s basic education for adults is intended primarily for young people aged 17 to 25. If there are more applicants than can be admitted, priority is given to applicants applying within Omnia and applicants whose municipality of residence is Espoo, Kirkkonummi or Kauniainen. Applicants over the age of 25 and those living in other municipalities are also accepted as students if there are spaces available.

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