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Aiming for the future: lessons learnt and how to reach the stars in Twinning Project

Blog | 29.08.2021
Two years Twinning project contribute to the upgrade of the education system in Moldova in line with EU and Bologna process best practices and quality education principles.

Twinning Project's closing seminar took place in May 14, 2021.

Päivi Korhonen, Director of Communicaions at the Project tells us how she sees the future of education in Moldova in 2030.

We have now entered in the year 2030. How does the education and working life as well as collaboration between several actors look like? 
VET is a real choice for young and adults in Moldova. The attractiveness of professional education has increased based on the work-based learning and the role of enterprises in launching the education. Master class model has improved the designing of short courses and different kinds of new degrees and educational products. Especially rural areas have gained new benefits due to the continuous learning. Foreign investigators are for example interested in the development of turism and gastronomy in Moldova because there is available labour force with good education: skills and knowledge. 

Lifelong learning is an important part of the development activities in the companies and by the education providers. New professions are designed to solve the demands of the new economy. Digitalization is one of the most important drivers to change the education and co-operation with working life. Students, employers and teaching staff work together to a better future. Solutions for daily life are made by these three partners in close collaboration. EU finance instruments are utilized to full potential to get investigators to Moldova. We can point out; education is really an investment on the future. 

Professional education is a cornerstone of wellbeing and financial success. Re-skilled and up-skilled employees are the key persons to build the modern Moldova. During the lifetime employees will participate in several short courses and may be make a new degree. A part of the studies can be carried out in the companies and on the own working place. Development projects as a part of studies will be utilized to develop the companies and generally modern working life. 

Sustainability is an important issue in Moldova – ecological aspects are in core and recycling and reducing the waste are a part of daily life. And professional education is a forerunner of sustainable activities. 

We can summarize the situation in 2030 by saying: In Moldova we have student-centric approach in education and working life participates in the planning, carrying out, evaluating and developing the professional education. This Twinning Project has given an excellent starting point for the journey towards 2030. 

Text: Päivi Korhonen, Director of Communications, STE (Short Term Expert) in Moldova Twinning Project 2019 – 2020


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