Vocational qualification in Business Management

Merkonomi in English

Interested in working in sales, customer service and marketing communication tasks in various fields of business and public sector?

At Omnia you can study the Vocational qualification in Business Management in English. This qualification is appropriate for those, who wish to study in English. However, basic command of Finnish is also necessary in order to be able to work in Finland.

The scope of the qualification is 180 competence points. Tuition languages are English and Finnish. The curriculum consists of theoretical and practical studies and on-the-job-learning, mainly carried out in Finnish workplaces.

Studying for a vocational qualification in English will improve your language skills and grants you eligibility for further studies in university or university of applied sciences.

Application period

Application period for August 2021 has ended. The next application time will be published later. Please follow Omnia web pages. See important dates.

Student admission criteria

Please note that the information on the application form is used as a basis for student admission. Fill in your application carefully.

The applicants will be invited to Finnish and English language tests by email.

Please note! Applicants need to pass both the Finnish and English written and oral language tests inorder for their applications to be processed.

Read additional information on student admission.

Admissions relevant information: haku@omnia.fi

Duration of studies

Personalisation for the studies is organized before the beginning of the studies.

Duration of studies depends on the student's basic education and the progress of the studies.

Language requirements
  • Finnish: A2.1.
  • English: B2

Read additional information on student admission.

Implementation of studies

The qualification includes full-time studying at Omnia as well as on-the-job learning periods.

Content of studies

Vocational units 145 competence points (cp)

    Compulsory units 55 cp

  • Customer service 20 cp
  • Profitable operations 20 cp
  • Operating in working community 15 cp

    Optional units 90 cp

  • Logistics services, 15 cp
  • Marketing communication and content production, 30 cp
  • Sales, 30 cp
  • Project operations, 15 cp
  • Planning of business operations, 15 cp
  • Business operations,15 cp

Common units 35 cp

  • Communication and interaction skills
  • Skills in mathematics and natural sciences
  • Societal and working life competences

NB!  In order to graduate you have to earn at least grade 1 (satisfactory) in the competence area ”Finnish as a second language” of Common units.


Studying is free of charge.

Further information

Opinto-ohjaaja Anne Tuomoja
p. 0401267469

Other information

International students must have a valid health insurance and accommodation for the duration of their study in Finland. Omnia does not offer dormitories.