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Experts for Finnish vocational education and training export

Omnia Education Partnerships Oy received funding from the Finnish National Agency of Education to arrange a training program for Finnish vocational education experts interested in training and assessing Finnish vocational qualifications in non-EU countries. The aim of the six-month program was to prepare more education providers for the global VET market and to ensure the quality of the vocational qualifications outside EU and EEA countries.

Feedback from the participants was very positive with emphasis on the value of networking, learning from other’s experiences and understanding the complexity of education export and the need for continuous learning also in this field. 

Educating future entrepreneurs in Saudi high schools

The Small & Medium Enterprises Authority wanted to see how entrepreneurship studies could fit into Saudi high schools and partnered with Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. (OEP) to run a pilot course in 2019. The project is built on two Finnish vocational entrepreneurship and working life skills modules in selected schools, curriculum development, teacher training and digital course material tailored to the Saudi market.

The project has given the teachers the chance to introduce new learning methods and the students are very excited about this. Shifting the focus of the students to their own inner processes has been life changing to many. All of a sudden, there are no right and wrong answers to memorize from a text book but the success of their studies depends entirely on their own input and efforts. 

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