The Use of Face Masks Required at All Omnia’s campuses

All students and clients are advised to follow these recommendations unless there is a specific health reason not to do so.

By following these recommendations, it may be possible to avoid further measures such as restrictions to opening hours and remote teaching.

Students are responsible for obtaining their own masks. Free masks are available at social and health care service points.

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends the use of face masks especially in circumstances where it is not possible to maintain safe distancing with others. It is critically important to maintain the safe distance of two meters when possible, wash hands, cough in your sleeve or paper tissue and avoid touching your face. It is also important to avoid travelling between campuses and gathering indoors.

Students are encouraged to spend their breaks outdoors as often as possible so that the classrooms can be sufficiently ventilated. In order to secure a safe lunch break for everyone, students should leave the canteen immediately after having their lunch.

We encourage all our students and clients to use Koronavilkku-application provided by THL. More information at koronavilkku.fi.

If you experience any symptoms of coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, fatigue, loss of sense of smell or taste, diarrhoea), go to koronabotti.hus.fi (residents of Uusimaa municipalities) or omaolo.fi (Helsinki residents) or contact the coronavirus helpline at your own municipality. If you have the coronavirus, contact your own teacher immediately to inform them about your test result and quarantine. If you have been instructed to stay in quarantine, contact your teacher and provide a quarantine certificate.

Coronavirus helplines in the capital area

  • Espoo 09 816 34600
  • Helsinki 09 310 10024
  • Vantaa 09 8395 0070
  • Kirkkonummi, contact your local health care services.

Instructions regarding coronavirus by Espoo City

In Finnish: Espoo.fi
In Swedish: Esbo.fi
In English: Espoo.fi
Other languages: Espoo.fi
More information at Thl.fi

Welcome, but only if you are healthy. We recommend using a face mask.Thank you for protecting yourself and others.

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