Remote Teaching - Changes in studies due to COVID-19 during the period November 30, 2020 – January 3, 2021

Teaching and instruction

General principles

Remote teaching and instruction start in Omnia on the 30th of November 2020 and will continue until the end of semester.

Christmas Holiday begins on the 21st of December 2020 and it will last at least until the 3 rd of January 2021 in all Omnia’s studies and services.

General principles concern vocational education and training, general upper secondary education, basic education for adults, adult education centre, youth workshops and Omnia’s Skills Centre for immigrants.

Remote teaching and instructions will be done in an online environment mainly according to the weekly schedule or other timetable agreed with students. Teaching and instruction may also take place as instructed independent learning while teacher can be reached according to the agreed principles.

Support for remote teaching is available to teachers and students

Technical support is given by Digitutors online and, if the circumstances allow, in Omnia’s premises.

Students who are unable to use their own device can borrow one in Omnia. More information from your own teacher.

In any unclear situations or if a student needs information about his/her plan for remote learning, please contact your own teacher or instructor. Questions can also be emailed to info@omnia.fi.

Vocational education and training

Preparatory training for vocational education (Valma) will take place mainly as remote teaching according to general principles.

Further and specialist vocational qualifications and other continuing education will be conducted entirely as remote teaching and instruction according to Omnia’s principles.

In vocational upper secondary education all teaching and instruction will be conducted remotely.

Skills demonstrations required for graduation can be done in Omnia’s premises according to the individual plan.

Contents of studies which are critical to students’ progress and cannot be postponed or taught remotely, will take place in Omnia’s learning environments.

Omnia’s learning environments, Aurinkokivi, Autofit, Henricus and Pellas building site, will remain open only to such extent that students’ graduation can be ensured.

Necessary contact studies will be planned individually for each student from the 30th November onwards.

All students will start in remote teaching and learning on Monday the 30th of November.

Work based learning will continue as agreed regarding the circumstances in each workplace and following the hygiene and safety instructions. Instruction and evaluation by Omnia will be done online or by telephone.

Support services

Student counselling, special needs education and Finnish as a second language -support will continue remotely according to Omnia’s general principles.

Support services are also offered as contact based services when regarded as necessary for students’ progress and wellbeing.

Contact details for student support: Opiskelijapalvelut

Food bags for students entitled to free school meal

Students entitled to free lunch at school can have a food bag, which contains ready meals or ingredients for cooking for five days. Meals include options with meat, fish or vegetables.

The food bag must be ordered in advance by a form available in Wilma.

  • For week 49, place your order by Tuesday 1.12. by 3 pm, collect by Thursday 3.12. between 2 and 4 pm.
  • For week 50, place your order by Thursday by 3 pm and collect by Wednesday 9.12. between 2 and 4 pm.
  • For week 51, place your order by Thursday 10.12. by 3 pm and collect by Wednesday 16.12. between 2 and 4 pm.

Changes and cancellations by email timo.martin@omnia.fi

Food bag must be collected at a service point.

Service points: Espoon keskus: Kirkkokatu 16B, Kirkkonummi: Purotie 6, Leppävaara: Upseerinkatu 11, Tapiola: Itätuulenpiha 1.

You can order your food bag at your nearest campus. You may only collect your food bag if you are well.

Social distancing of one meter and other instructions given must be followed at service points.

The food must not be consumed at a campus (indoors or outdoors) but preferably at home.

Form for ordering your food bag in Wilma

  • Sign in using a browser, mobile application might not give an access to the form.
  • A new form for the following week opens on each Monday by noon.
  • Notify us about allergies and special diets.
  • The form can be edited as long as it stays open.
  • Late orders cannot be considered.
  • The form can be found in Lomakkeet (Forms) -menu in blue upper bar in Wilma. It opens only to those entitled to a free school meal.

InfoOmnia student services

InfoOmnia serves you mainly online or by email. An appointment in person can be arranged if necessary.

You may order the following documents online:

  • HSL discount ticket application
  • Transcript of study record
  • Certificate of studies
  • Temporary certificate to obtain discount on VR trains
  • Certificate to obtain a student card for Matkahuolto
  • Career coaching and education advice will be mainly done remotely.


Omnia’s library will be closed during the period of remote teaching.

Students and teachers may borrow materials and return them to Kirkkokatu and Leppävaara campuses.

Instructions will be updated at omnia.fi > opiskelijalle > kirjasto

Library staff are available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.

Please contact kirjasto@omnia.fi or Teams-channel Omnian kirjasto.

More Inofrmation

Sampo Suihko, tel. 050 551 8119, Sampo.Suihko@omnia.fi

Maija Aaltola, tel. 050 384 9354, Maija.Aaltola@omnia.fi

Riikka-Maria Yli-Suomu, tel. 050 348 6544, Riikka-Maria.Yli-Suomu@omnia.fi

Tapio Siukonen, tel. 044 369 6600, Tapio.Siukonen@omnia.fi

Päivi Korhonen, tel. 040 126 7599, Paivi.Korhonen@omnia.fi

Mia Kivelä, tel. 046 851 5041, Mia.Kivela@omnia.fi