Omnia's Tasks Extended in the New Basic Agreement

Omnia’s new basic agreement was approved unanimously by the member municipalities’ boards on the 15th of October. In the new basic agreement Omnia’s tasks as a regional actor advancing citizens’ inclusion, skills and well-being and developing the vitality of the region's municipalities, communities and enterprises have been significantly strengthened.

In the continuously changing operational environment Omnia has been managed well, and the board of Omnia is very satisfied with the work of the executive group as well as the recent developments in operations and financial and operational results.

The leadership in Omnia supports in all its aspects the carrying out of the changes successfully. The successful carrying out of the tasks defined in the basic agreement will be ensured by management. The board of Omnia has unanimously decided to agree on a contract of service with the Director General Sampo Suihko until the 31st of August 2021 in its meeting on the 25th of October. The Director General’s wide understanding of the municipal field, national and international networks and versatile leadership experience ensure that the task will be carried out successfully.