Omnia Leads a Project Aiming at Unifying the Cook’s Qualifications in Europe

The aim of the Cooking for the Future (CORE) project is to create unitary qualification standards for cooks in Europe.

“There are, in practice, many laws and regulations as well as traditions in place that make this challenging. However, the participants of the project are planning together practices that can be applied everywhere in Europe. The aim is to get them into use as soon as possible”, says Mika Heino, the Project Manager.

Omnia has started the project, and CORE is the first project run by Omnia that is funded by European Commission directly under the Erasmus+ program. It is an important part of the project to get students closely involved in the making of new practices. Entrepreneurship is an integral part of creating new practices and improvements.

“In practice, there are different working groups in different parts of Europe and they are planning new practices together. The focus is on improving the existing curricula and cook’s qualifications in different European countries. It is important that different qualifications become more comparable than they currently are”, Mika Heino points out.

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Mika Heino