Omnia Has Received a Sustainable Development Certificate

The Sustainable Development Certificate has been awarded by OKKA Foundation. 

An external audit took place last autumn, and it focused on operational culture, teaching and leadership from the perspective of sustainable development, as well as on well-being, environment, finance and culture.

This is the first time the certificate has been awarded to entire Omnia. This includes vocational education and training, liberal adult education, basic education for adults and general upper secondary education. In 2014 the certificate was given to Omnia’s vocational education and training.

Building the Most Sustainable City in Europe

According to Erkka Laininen from OKKA Foundation, Omnia’s specific strengths include sustainable development as a part of quality management and life long learning.  

”When resolving the future challenges of humanity, life long learning of the skills needed for sustainable development becomes more and more important. It is a great possibility that Omnia has  such a wide perspective on life long learning.”, Laininen states.

OKKA Foundation has been awarding Sustainable Development Certificates for educational institutions since 2004. One hundredth certificate will be given this spring.

Renewal of the certification requires external audit every three years.

According to Sampo Suihko, the Director General of Omnia, the certificate is an intermediate report for Omnia.

”Even small solutions matter in sustainable development. Omnia has a wide impact on its students and their lives, which is a great opportunity in this matter.”, he says.

Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo, and the city’s executive group gongratulate Omnia for the achievement.