English for work

Meiltä löydät räätälöityjä kursseja työelämän tarpeisiin. Mikä sopii sinulle parhaiten: verkkokurssi, monimuoto-opetus vai lähiopetus? Tässä pieni valikoima kursseistamme. Lisää löytyy Ilmonetista. Lisätietoa antaa suunnittelijaopettaja Sabine Vilponen.

Do you need English at work but feel that you need to brush up your English skills? We have a large variety of courses for different needs, online courses, face-to-face meetings and courses which combine face-to-face learning and online work.

Here a few selected courses. Find out more at Ilmonet or contact the coordinating teacher for English Sabine Vilponen.

E190738 Englanti B1-B2 Speaking English at Work 
Do you need to speak English at your work place and would like to improve your speaking skills? Come join us in a dynamic conversation course where we’ll focus on practical applications for the English language in the work environment. We will mainly focus on your speaking abilities but will also review some grammatical elements as needed. The general objective is to help you speak English more fluently.

E190619 Englanti B1 English at Work Intensive 
We focus on language use situations in the workplace, such as writing emails and CVs and using English in meetings and social situations with visitors and colleagues. We also study and practise using work vocabulary and aim to improve your ability to talk about your own work.

E190800 Flexi-English B2-C1 
verkko-opetus ja lähiopetus
Join this flexible course that combines online (Moodle) work with face-to-face meetings. If you enjoy finding out about what is happening in the world, you will enjoy this course. We use material from English-language newspapers and news sites to improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking. This is the perfect course for busy people who cannot come to class every week at the same time!

E190078 Englanti B1 Grammar revision online course 
Do you feel like you need to revise English grammar? Do you want to take your time and study from the comfort of your own home? This B1-level online course aims to revise many tricky grammar points, including verb tenses, conditional structures and prepositions. 

E190617 Englanti B1-B2 Grammar Brush-Up 
This is a short course that aims to improve grammatical accuracy in your spoken and written language. The course is especially suited to anyone taking the YKI test (intermediate or advanced) on 23 March but anyone is welcome.

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Sabine Vilponen