Digital inclusion work: The AI Truck builds artificial intelligence capacity among senior citizens

Digital inclusion is gaining importance and becoming a strategic priority at the ITCILO (International Training Centre at ILO).

Promoter: City of Espoo, Finland, in partnership with Lenovo, Microsoft and Omnia

The project was to respond to the need of building awareness and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence among citizens, including senior citizens, the city of Espoo in Finland has fostered the collaboration between AI experts from Lenovo, Microsoft and Omnia, who have designed and developed a very special truck.

By entering in the AI Truck, Finnish people from different local communities are offered practical experiences through which they can learn about the operating principles of AI and see what AI does in practice. They do so through an escape room game in which 4 to 6 participants together solve tasks reflecting on the roles of data and algorithms in AI. Also, motivated senior citizens are trained on AI issues to become mentors of others.

Through the AI Truck, citizens experience in person the power and the problems of AI. Further, the welcoming staff consists of volunteers, including elderly citizens, accompanied occasionally by experts from the companies involved in the initiatives.

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Heidi Rajamäki-Partanen