BusinessEspoo Meet Up Gathered Entrepreneurs to Discuss Analyst Relations

Harri Paananen, Head of Economic Development at Espoo City, gave a presentation on BusinessEspoo operations and the services available to businesses in the region. According to Paananen, there are several benefits in serving businesses under one roof, as there are seven actors in the BusinessEspo co-operation.

BusinessEspoo ecosystem consists Helsinki Chamber of Commerce, Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Services, City of Espoo, Espoo Marketing, Omnia, Enterprise Espoo ja Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Espoo. The services are located in Otaniemi.

Esko Lius, Learning Solutions Key Expert from Omnia, pointed out that there is a growing need of flexibility and agile thinking as digitals solutions continue to develop. He emphasised the importance of being procative in changes and that digitalisation presents new challenges for vocational teaching.

Tommi Saxelin, Senior Account Executive from Gartner, provided the audience with practical advice on analyst relations. While making decisions on purchasing, half of technology buyers consider technology analysts as their most important independent source of information. Saxelin also presented a hype cycle for emerging technologies.

Business Espoo Meet Ups are arranged monthly to serve the region’s businesses.