Announcement for students regarding the corona pandemic

Dear students,

we have had over a month of distance education so far. I would like to express my gratitude to you students for making the transfer to distance education so effortless. Yesterday, the Government of Finland decided to open the nurseries and comprehensive schools. A national decision about other forms of education is yet to be made. At Omnia, we have decided to continue distance education and guidance as comprehensively as possible until the beginning of September. We monitor the national situation and adjust our policy accordingly.

This announcement includes several subjects we recommend you to look into.


Maija Aaltola

Face-to-face education is added gradually

Even though distance education is continued at Omnia as comprehensively as possible, there is also a need to increase the amount of face-to-face education and guidance. The need to increase the amount of face-to-face education has risen from the students’ feedback and from the personnel.

The amount of face-to-face education will be increased in order to secure the progress of all our students.

The amount of face-to-face education and guidance will only be increased, when distance education is not possible or when we cannot otherwise guarantee the student’s progress of studies, graduation and wellbeing.
Face-to-face education and guidance are always performed in small groups complying the safety directives (max. 10 persons at the moment). Hygiene rules are complied with. You may not come to school when sick.

Remember to take advantage of the meal distribution

During the exceptional times, Omnia distributes food to the students covered by free school meals. The days of distribution are Monday and Wednesday. On Monday, you can pick up meals for Monday and Tuesday, to be heated at home. On Wednesday, you can pick up meal to be heated at home for Wednesday, and the meal supplies for preparation at home for Thursday and Friday.
This is how it works:

  1. Order the week’s meals by 3 pm on Thursday, the previous week, using Wilma form “Ruoka-annosten noutotilaus / Food delivery registration”. You will find the form in the Lomakkeet menu (forms) of the blue top bar (or under the three dots of the top bar).
  2. Pick up the meals you ordered at the time you marked on the form from the campus you selected from 12 pm to 2 pm.
  3. Inform us about changes and cancellations at timo.martin@omnia.fi.

You may pick up the meals only if you are in good health. Please mind the safe distances during pick up. At the delivery points, respect safety standards by maintaining safe distance of at least one metre from others and by adhering to other instructions given at the delivery point. You may not eat the meal inside or outside the delivery point, but rather at home.
The order form for those performing double degrees can be found at the occupational Omnia’s Wilma. In order to leave the order, you need to sign in for Wilma through your browser.

Remember to return your library loans

Graduating students need to remember to return their library loans before their graduation. You may return loans to Espoo centre (Kirkkokatu 16 A) and Leppävaara (Upseerinkatu 11) on working days from approximately 8 am to 3 pm. The janitors receive the returns. When you are by the door, call the janitor. More information on the library website (in Finnish).

Student feedback on distance education

Omnia conducted a survey for their students on 8-22 April 2020. The survey concerned the realization of distance education and guidance during the exceptional situation. The response time started after three weeks from transferring to distance education.

2289 students responded to the survey, of which 1270 were from occupational education and 815 from liberal education. The rest of the responses were divided between upper secondary school for adults, upper secondary vocational training (VALMA), Nuorten Työpajat and Osaamiskeskus (OSKE). The survey was tailored specifically for each client group.

The survey revealed that most of the students had received information on the transfer to distance education well or in an excellent manner. In addition, the majority of the students have, in their opinion, received sufficiently education and guidance from the teacher. The amount of the web education provided by the teacher and the independent studies varied a lot. Also diverse methods were used in the teaching.  
You expressed your gratitude to the teachers, instructors and other Omnia workers. We will pass all these on.

Also concerns were expressed in the responses about the progress of the studies and graduation and the lack of instructions and guidance. We take these concerns seriously and act on them.
The survey provided us plenty of valuable information, thanks to everyone who participated! Your feedback will be later used in order to develop distance education but also more widely when planning the operation for next autumn.

A summary of the survey is published (in Finnish) and also discussions will be planned.

Virtual Spring Festival Friday 29th May from 5 pm to 6 pm

Whether it is a matter of your student’s cap, new occupation, diploma or the end of your education, everyone has deserved their festivities. Due to the global situation, we unfortunately cannot organize graduation ceremonies or other ceremonies physically in our premises.

The Virtual Spring Festival of Omnia will be organized on Friday 29th May from 5 pm to 6 pm. The Spring Festival is organized to celebrate the spring, the end of the semester and the hundreds of students receiving their new occupations or diplomas from Omnia. More information will be updated also in English in the event site (in English).