Englanti B2 English at Work online

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Tiistai, 4. elokuu 2020 - 0:01
Do you feel unprepared for working life situations in English? We focus in particular on writing. In this online course, you will train your writing and speaking skills, but also work with listening and reading comprehension tasks. Politeness, customer service and intercultural aspects will be discussed. The aim of the course is to improve your English skills in workplace contexts. The online learning platform Moodle is used in this course. There are no live meetings .The course lasts seven weeks. Every week you get new tasks. The workload is about 1,5 hours per week. You get individual feedback from your instructor. The last course week starts 15th September. The course participants are required to have basic computer skills in order to work with the exercises on the Moodle learning platform. You need to be able to listen to audio and video files and also record own spoken productions. It is recommended to use a PC in this course, not a tablet .