Englanti C1 Preparatory Course for the Advanced Level of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in English

Perjantai, 31. tammikuu 2020 - 0:00
This online course offers a wide range of exercises similar to those in the test. It prepares participants for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency’s advanced level test in English (YKI englanti, ylin taso, 14.3.). The workload is about 1,5h/week. All four subparts of the test are practised in this online course. New tasks will be available every week and the assignments can be returned until the end of the course. The course participants are required to have basic computer skills in order to work with the exercises on the Moodle learning platform. You need to be able to listen to audio and video files and also make audio recordings of the speaking tasks.. The workload is about 1,5 h/week. New tasks are given weekly and assignments can be handed in until the end of the course. The instructor will get your e-mail address. Attention: The test fee to participate in the National Certificate of Language Proficiency’s test is not included in the course fee. Participants need to enrol for the test separately. Enrolment starts 1 February. Should you enroll later than 31.1., i.e. after the start of the course, please contact the Espoo Adult Education Centre at tyovaenopisto.kielet@omnia.fi