Sustainable future

Building a sustainable future is at the heart of our operations.

Our journey towards sustainable future follows Omnia's roadmap to a sustainable future. It is a plan that will steer Omnia to a sustainable level by the year 2025. Based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the roadmap is built on four cross-cutting themes. Each of these themes will take its turn as the annual focus guiding Omnia’s operations. 

We are committed to strengthening the sustainability skills of the Omnia community and citizens so that we, as a community and as individuals, can make responsible choices for a sustainable future.

Carbon neutral Omnia, cross-cutting theme for 2021

We commit to allowing the reduction of our carbon footprint to guide our choices in procurement, practices and processes. In 2025, Omnia will have become carbon-neutral and its energy self-sufficiency rate will have increased significantly.

Omnia promoting human dignity, cross-cutting theme for 2022 

We commit to having equality, equal opportunities, transparency and the eradication of poverty guide our choices and practices. Omnia guarantees everyone operating in its community equal access to living with human dignity and skills for life-long learning. No one is discouraged or otherwise maltreated and everyone is given an equal opportunity to realise their dreams through their studies or profession. There is zero tolerance for any kind of bullying.

Omnia’s circular economy, cross-cutting theme for 2023

The goal of circular economy is to preserve natural resources through increasingly efficient material use. In Sustainable Omnia, sharing and joint use guide our procurement and operating choices. With the help of circular economy, Omnia will be able to cut the losses and the amount of material used in its operations by 50% between 2020 and 2025. 

Smart and resource-wise Omnia, cross-cutting theme for 2024

Building a sustainable future requires innovative solutions, sustainable technologies and expertise in how to deploy them. Sustainable technology does not harm nature, enables environmentally sustainable practices and benefits all groups of people. 

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