Study visits to Finnish education system

Learn why Finland thrives in the field of education.

Is it the egalitarian system, curriculum or perhaps the teachers? We will give you an insight to why Finns do it best in the field of education.

Omnia organises study visits that give you the necessary tools for deciding how to develop education in your community. With our wide networks of professionals, we provide you with the best experts with the best know-how and practices in the Finnish education system.

We offer insight to vocational education as well as day care, pre-primary, primary or general secondary education. We also organise visits to schools to demonstrate authentic learning environments.

The visit may be organised either according to the education level of your interest or a specific theme of your liking (i.e. ICT in learning or pedagogical leadership).

The typical length of the study visit varies from half a day to a week, depending on your interest. An Omnia coordinator will accompany you for the entire length of your visit.

Let us know what you're interested in, and we'll plan you a worthwhile visit to the Finnish education system.

Mervi Jansson
Director of Education Partnerships
tel. +358 43 820 0152

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