Research activities

We promote research as part of the lifelong learning process.

We want to promote the research of lifelong learning in vocational and adult education in co-operation with universities, institutes of higher education, research institutes and science associations in a new way, both nationally and internationally. Our research activities are based on co-operation between practical teaching and theoretical research. Omnia has extensive expertise in adult education and entrepreneurship on which to build educational research, development and innovation activities.

Reshaping lifelong learning

Omnia is a multidisciplinary educational institute for lifelong learning with research activities that promote innovative pedagogical solutions for the future and the creation of modern learning environments. The focus areas of our research activities include

  • working with the research networks in vocational, adult education and liberal adult education
  • involvement in research projects and research
  • management and filing of Omnia’s research permits
  • national and international research co-operation and partnerships
  • research-based pedagogical development and foresight.

We operate within multidisciplinary expert and researcher networks promoting research-based learning, innovation and development work.

Omnia Education’s research activity objectives 2018

  • We will organise the 2018 Higher and Vocational Education Research Days on 28–29 November. The themes covered are changing working life, a new kind of competence acquisition and reshaping lifelong learning. The event brings together a group of scholars, teachers, experts, decision-makers and other parties involved at a nationally-significant level for the first time in Omnia Education. The research days are being organised by a broad-based team of experts and a working party working in the background. The Finnish Vocational Educational Research Association FiVERA, City of Espoo and Omnia’s communications and marketing team also participate in the planning of the event.
  • Omnia Education is involved in the research in the field both by conducting research and by participating in research projects together with various scientific institutes, universities of applied sciences and research societies. The research contains research projects, textbook projects and other publication activities. 
  • The research permit process will be estimated (2017–2018), and development measures for 2019 will be determined. Omnia’s vocational and adult education research permit process is part of the service activities. Each research permit granted integrates Omnia Education as part of the research and development community and produces new research-based data.
  • Research activities will be communicated internally and presented to the personnel. The Urban Research and Education – Views on Development and Research seminar will be organised at the facilities of Omnia AILab in Otaniemi on 19 April at 12 noon–4 pm. The seminar presents ongoing research projects with research permits granted by Omnia.
  • More information about Omnia’s research projects on the web.

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