Research Permit

What is a research permit?

If you want to collect information from Omnia students or staff for your research, development project or thesis, or otherwise want to research Omnia's teaching activities, you will always need a written research permission.

How do I apply for a research permit from Omnia?

You can apply for a research permit by filling out Omnia's research license application.

PDF iconOmnia Research Permission Form

Application will be accompanied by a summary of your research plan. The application discloses the applicant's personal information, the study director's information, the name and background of the study, the research objectives and research issues, the schedule, the ethics, the description of the handling and storage of the research material and Omnia's role. Please also include in your application a data collection plan and a questionnaire / interview / data collection form as well as a cover letter to be sent to the subject.

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