Research activities

We promote research as part of the lifelong learning process.

Omnia research activities promote the multidisciplinary research of lifelong learning (LLL) in vocational education and training (VET) and adult education in co-operation with universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and science associations in a new way, both nationally and internationally. The focus of our research activity is based on co-operation between practical vocational education teaching, lifelong learning and theoretical research. Omnia´s strength is extensive expertise in vocational education and training co-operation with working life on research, development and innovation activities. Omnia's research activities are extensively networked in different directions.

Reshaping lifelong learning

Omnia is a multidisciplinary educational institute for lifelong learning with research activities that promote innovative pedagogical solutions for the future and the creation of modern learning environments. The focus areas of our research activities include

  • working with the national and international research networks in vocational education and training (VET), adult education and liberal adult education (LLL)
  • involvement and networking in multidisciplinary research projects with those, who carry out the research
  • being an active member of VET -research integration with the universities of applied sciences and science-networks
  • sharing research results for the use of vocational education and lifelong learning
  • promote anticipating through results of education research
  • management and filing of Omnia’s research permits
  • being active membership in research networks and science associations
  • promoting and inspiring teachers and staff in conducting research and research-based activities

We operate within multidisciplinary expert and researcher networks promoting research-based learning, innovation and development work.

Omnia Education’s research activity objectives 2020

  • Omnia's research activities produce a research report for the CLEMET - Cleantech education for tomorrow – ESR -project, which involves Metropolia and Laurea polytechnics, Omnia, VTT and the City of Espoo high school line. The report will be completed in September 2020.

  • Omnia is a co-implementer of the research project Immigrant Student's Voice Experiences in Study Paths with Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Careeria and Luksia. The study examines the success of students with an immigrant background and their transition from vocational education and training to higher education. Special attention is paid to the studen'ts language studies in Finland. Research provides an assessment of how well immigrants' educational paths work and how successful support measures are during their studies. Omnia is involved in coordinating project partners' collaboration, collecting data, conducting student interviews and reporting research results. The research project will be implemented from year 2018 to 2020. The research report will be published in October 2020.

  • Omnia participates in professional research society`s OTTU -research society board work. A special aim is to promote research in vocational education and training and the preparation of annual research days.

  • Omnia grants research permits to researchers, who wish to collect research data of Omnia. The research permit process is a part of the service activities. The application for the permit must be made using an electronic form, which must be attached with the requested annex
    ( It takes from about two weeks to one month to get the permission for research.
  • Omnia's research activities have an internal information channel about ongoing research projects. Teachers and staff are informed about ongoing author invitations and publication requests.
  • Omnia's research activities include writing literature reviews, presenting vocation education and training and liberal adult education at scientific seminars and during research days. Omnia is involved in the research in the field both by conducting research and by participating in research projects together with various scientific institutes, universities of applied sciences and research societies. The research contains research projects, textbook projects and other publishing activities. 

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