PROVED, Productive learning in vocational education

Project description

The aim of the project is to transfer the principles of a successful educational approach, Productive Learning (PL), from the field of general education to the field of vocational education and non-formal education.  The non-formal education deals with the vocational orientation of unemployed young adults to improve and stabilise their career.

As a result, five adapted PL concepts are created in the project.

The main characteristics of PL are:

  • Learning in real life situations
  • Connecting theory and practice
  • Individualisation of the learning process
  • Connecting general education and vocational orientation

Target group

  • Young people of age 15—24 in disadvantaged position who have difficulties in stepping into working life after school
  • Teachers
  • Employers offering on-the-job learning positions
  • Companies



Project manager

Kirsi Niskala, Omnia


Coordination: The Institute for Productive Learning in Europe (IPLE), Germany


  • Georg-Schlesinger-Berufsschule Berlin, Germany
  • Omnia, Finland
  • Protasi, Greece
  • 2nd Laboratory Center (LC) of Patras, Greece
  • Education supply centre affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Kendainiai vocational educational training centre, Lithuania
  • Kendainiai Adult and Youth School, Lithuania



Contact information

Kirsi Niskala
tel. +358 40 1267217