Project description

The main scope of CARESS project is to overcome a skill gap in the field of elderly homecare. Better care and sustainability of health services calls for innovative ways to address the needs of the elderly. The project will examine the EU-level home care workers' skills needs. In all three partner countries carried out an electronic questionnaire for homecare workers to analyse the competence needs in the homecare sector. On the basis of these studies are collected ECVET-based digital training package. The project implements the quality and quantity of customers of homecare services.

Target group

VET-students, + 50 year-old-women, unemployed and representatives of the working life.



Project manager

Sirje Hassinen


Coordination Italy Si4life

Partners Si4Life, Regione Liguria, GGallery, Vittorio Emanuele II from Italy and UVA, SGGCyL, Ayuntamiento Valladolid from Spain and Omnia, SuPer, OPH from Finland, EU level partner Age Platform.


Erasmus + SSA

Contact information

Sirje Hassinen

tel. +358 50 5943 865

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Sirje Hassinen