Train to Sustain - developing capacity to teach sustainability in VET / Train2Sustain

Project description

The primary target beneficiaries are VET teachers/trainers. However, in developing their practice, we expect the students to benefit from gaining sustainability skills both in their personal development but also for their employability as these skills are needed on the job market.

Employers will get employees with sustainability and Lean skills which is a benefit if they are already working with these issues in their organization. Employers that do not work with these issues get workers with skills and mindsets that are useful for any organization.

Target group

VET students, VET teachers, working life representatives.


1.12.2020 - 31.1.2023

Project manager in Omnia

Mika Heino


Coordination: Vamia, Finland
Partners: ATEC - Associação de Formação para a Industria (Portugal), bit Schulungscenter GmbH (Austria), EUC SYD (Denmark), Omnia


Erasmus+ KA2