ASTep towards new European Learning: a digital and personalized approach, ASTEL

Project description

ASTEL project will answer for the EU context and needs of modernization and digitalization VET by collecting, analyzing and sharing best practices in five partner countries. The general topics are: Digitalization and the information systems used education system; Flexible individual study pathways for students in secondary level and Flexible and innovative study environments.

Target group

VET organizations and working life, experts and students


1.9.2018 - 28.2.2020

Project manager

Sirje Hassinen, Omnia


Coordination: Omnia, Finland
Partners: INNOVE (Estonia), Aula de Comercio – Estodos Tecnicos e Profissionais, Lda (Portugal), Emmaüsinstituut@2 (Belgium), Stichting Chr onderwijsgroep Vallei en Gelderland-Midden (Netherlands)


Erasmus+ KA2

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Sirje Hassinen