Omnia's ECVET expertise

Omnia has worked for unifying the European system for vocational education and training (ECVET) since 2004.

The purpose of the ECVET is to allow using studies and acquired competence as a part of vocational qualifications across Europe.

Examples of Omnia's ECVET projects

  • ECVET for Elderly Care (EFEC) is one of the transnational partnerships called Sector Skills Alliances (SSA) proposed by the Commission of the European Union. EFEC project improves comparability, transparency and mutual recognition of qualifications in the six partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom) and implements ECVET principles in the elderly care work.
  • HETA-ECVET project improves the comparability, transparency and recognition of Estonian and Finnish vocational qualifications.
  • CARESS and PROCARING projects develope ECVET in social and healthcare sectors. 

Contact us for more details on ECVET

Ms Maarit Saarenkylä, International Coordinator at Omnia is one of the thirteen ECVET experts in Finland. Her expertise includes training education staff and work places in matters concerning ECVET.

Maarit Saarenkylä
International Coordinator
tel. +358 46 851 5022