Global education networks

Omnia is participating in and coordinating in the following international networks in the education sector

BILT (Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET)

Omnia as an Unevoc Center of Excellence participates in the BILT project (Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET) contributing in several program tracks like Migration and TVET. Read more about Promising and innovative practices database.

European Pathway network

The actions aim at transparency of international studies, promotion of European credit transfer system and enabling work based mobility in Europe.The networks also wants to increase reciprocal exchanges within the partner network and promoting regional cooperation with entreprises.

European Pathway website


FinnVET in China is a Vocational college Network, which is funded by Finnish Ministry of Education.

There are 20 Finnish and 6 Chinese colleges in the network. The most essential activity form in this network are reciprocal student and expert mobilities in China and in Finland and also developing students' curriculum, on-the-job learning and cultural skills in home country and abroad.

JEDU in Finland is coordinating this network.

Project duration: 1.3.2019-31.12.2020

Finnvet in China website


Go Global - KEVA Network: Global education, mobility and promotion of internationalisation at home

Network aims at developing a vocational qualification unit on cultural diversity, volunteering, sustainability and ethical communication. Network organises mobility activities with its cooperation countries Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania and Namibia. It promotes the concept of internationalisation at home as well as cooperation between vocational institutions and NGOs. The network consists of 14 vocational education providers.

Go Global - KEVA network website

HANAKO network

Finland-Japan network for vocational education.

The purpose of HANAKO is to develop and consolidate mutual multidisciplinary cooperation, benchmark best practices for the development of a functional network between the two countries, create innovations for the development of teaching / learning practices, develop teaching materials and enhance international mobility of students and experts.

HANAKO network website

India Network

India network for vocational education and traning in Finland.

The objective is to respond to the competence needs of the labour market, to promote the cooperation between training and the enterprises to increase the visibility of Finnish products and services.

Window to Russia network

Russia is a land of possibilities that is a vast market are and an intriguing tourist destination. Finland and Russia offer each other numerous cooperation possibilities. Learning the language and culture opens up doors and windows.

Window to Russia network website

KA 1 teacher mobility project

The objective of the mobility project for Espoo High School for Adults is to observe the 21st century skills in order to foster them in our tuition. In the recent years high schools have adopted digitalization as a new tool to boost their tuition and instructed their students in completion of matriculation exams electronically. A constant modification in this field requires a great amount of effort on both in-service teachers and students' part. A session at a hosting organization abroad will help teachers reflect on how they could work in such a way that it fosters the development of the future skills.

FinKoVet – Finnish-Korean Education Network

Finnish Korean Education network (FinKoEdu) focuses on developing cooperation in vocational education and training in Finland and South-Korea. The main field is vehicle, but new fields are going to be introduced during the project. The main activities are comparison of teaching and guiding processes in VET as well as student and expert exchange between the two countries. Partners in the Finnish networks, coordinated by Varia, are Keuda, Salpaus, Stadi and Omnia. This networks is funded by the National Board of education and lasts till the end of 2020.

FinKoEdu – Finnish Korean Education network website (Finnish) and FinkoEdu project discription (Finnish).

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