Omnia's international networks and development projects

Developing training, especially vocational training, is an important strategic focus area for Omnia. This is demonstrated also in our international operations.

Omnia develops new teaching and learning methods and materials, modern approaches for guidance and counselling as well as digital solutions to support all this. Combined with the international exchange of best practice, use of ECVET expertise and large networks we offer valuable partnership in development projects.

Large-scale mobility and development activities

Omnia hosts and sends abroad hundreds of experts and students yearly, manages EU network development projects and participates in different global education networks. Most of the funding for the project work comes from Erasmus + program, European Commission actions and from the National Board of Education in Finland.

Our VET mobility charter for the years 2016-2020 enables us to integrate development work, global networking and international mobility actions closely to the training programs and learning paths.

Development projects benefit the students

Our international projects focus on developing the curricula and the learning methods and environments. This way they give the students possibility to benefit from the outcomes. Here are examples of such projects:

  • Golden Net: The main objective of the project is to develop the second ECVET module for jewellery making. One of the working materials is metal. Metal and other artisans from Omnia will participate in this project, share their experiences and knowledge and learn from each other in a European networks.
  • Healthy future Erasmus+ KA2 project will enhance the knowledge of sustainable development and environmentally sustainable cooking using gamification to make the subjects more appealing for the students.

Read more about our development projects.

Anticipating the needs of the working life

We cooperate closely with the working life and the community of entrepreneurs of Omnia, also in development projects. This guarantees an up-to-date perspective to the entrepreneurial questions as well as to the acute and future needs of skilled labor force in the local area.

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Kati Valtonen
Director of Omnia Project Services
tel. +358 43 824 3209